AC Upper School Art Students Awarded Honors in University of Rochester Exhibition

Kudos to twelve of our students, who were selected to participate in the “Through My Eyes” art exhibition at the University of Rochester’s Bridge Gallery from May through July. The exhibition featured 50 works of art by local high school students. As the show was described, “Each frame of work provides a glimpse into the artist’s view of the world: a crown of dandelions, dripping cones of gelato, a broken heart, a young woman balanced on a rail leading far into the distance, a young man’s face superimposed on a mountain top.”  Artists from Allendale Columbia included: Jillian Oddo, Gabby Monti, Jacquelyn Casira, Charlie Patterson, Joseph Shearer, Emma Rowlands, Laurie King, Zach Brown, Abby Lindsey, Jaeyeon Chung, Olivia Kneller, and Ken “Yuzong” Dai. 
The Bridge Gallery is located within the University of Rochester’s Department of Psychiatry. At the other end of the exhibition, the sculpture – “Portal” by internationally renowned artist Albert Paley was installed with the students’ work.  “The beauty and inspiration of Portal, coupled with the thought-provoking and hopeful pieces in Through My Eyes, provide a warm and dignified welcome for the thousands of patients, families, faculty, staff, and students who pass through here,” says Eric D. Caine, M.D., chair of Psychiatry. “In addition, there is a compelling body of scientific evidence showing artwork in medical settings can have a significant and positive impact on healing.”
Special congratulations to recent graduate Joseph Shearer, whose photograph “Jaapallot” was chosen by the jury as Best in Show. The judges also chose five Top Juror’s Picks, including  Jackie Casira for her print “Koi,” Jillian Oddo for her photograph “Lines,” and Charlie Patterson for his hand colored photo, “Snow in Lines.” 


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Announcing 2014 Award Recipients

At the end of the school year, our Middle and Upper Schools held awards ceremonies to recognize students for a variety of achievements. Below please find a list of this year’s award winners and join us in congratulating all our students on their accomplishments this school year!


Columbia Class of 1957 Forum Award – Senior Class of 2014

Cum Laude Induction – Weifeng Hu, Ryan Grimes, Carolyn Dubnik, Mallory Mintz, Maria Rainero, Ryan Dens, Emily Paszko

Cornell Essay Award – Evan Bourtis

English – Tucker Gosnell ’77 Prize in English – Aamir Zainulabadeen

World Language
French – Ménedès-La Flèche Award – Haley Glazer
Latin Prize – Samuel Ryckaert
Elizabeth Coffin Bynum – Alyssa Marino
Pablo Neurda – Martijn Appelo

Concours National
9th graders
Alexis Carter
Phelan Conheady
Ryann Greene
Danielle Chuprun (N)
Lucien Nicosia
Madelon Queenan

10th graders
Fateemah Saleem
Gavin Flood
Alena Ragan
Pia von Grone

11th graders
William Sutor
Savanna Atwal
Carly Baker
Haley Glazer (N)

12th graders
Olivia Kneller
Emma Rowlands

National Spanish Exam Awards
Level 2 – Eva Appelo (silver), Anne Pinkney (silver)
Level 3 – Haley Glazer (gold), Noah Meyers (silver), Guy Marino (silver), Emily Paszko (silver)
Level 4 – Samuel Ryckaert (bronze)
Level 5 – Alexander Frenett (silver), Martijn Appelo (silver)

National Latin Exam Winners
Mukuundo Luhiso – Cum Laude
Sofi Wolfanger-Vitale – Cum Laude
Nathan Morse – Silver Maxima Cum Laude
James Brimlow – Silver Maxima Cum Laude
Olivia Bono – Cum Laude
Samuel Ryckaert – Gold Summa Cum Laude
Hye Jin Jun – Magna Cum Laude
Xavier Francis – Silver Maxima Cum Laude

Churchill-Yager – Alexander Frenett and Weifeng Hu

Bausch & Lomb – Yanhao Rick Zhao
Class of 1978 Science Prize – John Jamieson

Catherine Nevius – Martijn Appelo
Edwin “Ted” Atwood Prize in History– Mallory Mintz

Computer Science Department Award – T.J. Eilinger

Kevin Stein Class of 1982 Art Prize – Emma Rowlands

Scholastic Art and Writing Awards
Emma Rowlands
Brynne Colella
Ryan Grimes
JaeYeon Chung
Jixuan “Grace” Guo
Abby Lindsey
Shahil Subba

Bob Stata Instrumental Music Award– Russell Hegedorn
Vocal Music Award – Abi Long

Karolina Breit, NYSSMA Piano Festival, Level 4
Calvin Beaton, NYSSMA Vocal Solo, Level 1
Alena Ragan, MCSMA Vocal Solo
Eva Martin, All County Womens Choir
William Sutor, All County Senior High Choir
Jillian Oddo, NYSSMA All-State Vocal Solo Festival, Level 6
Gavin Flood, All County Vocal Jazz Ensemble,
NYSSMA All-State Vocal Jazz Solo Festival, Level 6
Maria Rainero, NYSSMA Vocal Solo Level 5
Abi Long, All County Vocal Jazz Ensemble
NYSSMA All-State Vocal Jazz Solo Festival, Level 6
Conference All-State Vocal Jazz Alternate
Abby Lindsey, Cello, Level 6, AAS Orchestra
Paul Matos, Alto Sax, Level 6
Peter Matos, Alto Sax, Level 5
Rudolph Quamina, Cello, Level 5
Fateemah Saleem, Alto Sax, Levels 3 and 4
Alena Ragan, Cello, Level 3
Danielle Chuprun, Flute, Level 4
Nadia Linton, Violin, Level 6, Orchestra

Dramatic Arts Award – Martijn Appelo

National Merit Scholarship Recognitions
National Merit Scholarship Program Commended Scholars: Isaac Aub and Olivia Kneller

National Merit Scholarship Corporation – Xerox Foundation Scholarship: T.J. Eilinger

National Merit Scholarship Corporation – National Merit Scholar: Alexander Frenett

Jeff Huff ’84 Memorial Award – Michael Lovejoy

Sherman Farnham, Jr., ’62 and Anne Morris Farnham, ’64 Community Service Award – Lawrence Rowlands

Della E. Simpson Memorial Prize – Maria Rainero

University of Rochester Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award – Emily Yax

Rensselaer Medal – Ryan Dens

Brown University Book Award – Haley Glazer

Dartmouth College Book Award – Emily Paszko

Williams College Book Award – Ricky Yates

Williams Cup – Jessica Pembroke

Community Service Award – Aamir Zainulabadeen

Ray Hickok, Jr. Award – Weifeng Hu

Athletic Association Sportsmanship Award – Christina Myers

Gannett Cup – Shahil Subba

Headmaster’s Prize in Memory of Peter Schwartz by the Class of ’54 – Erin Amborski

John Harrison Alumni Award – Martijn Appelo


Middle School Merit Award – Indiia Maring

2013-2014 Chris Hickok Award – Caroline Mealey

Helen Monroe Award – Fiona Lutz and Elizabeth Cotter

2013-2014 Cygnet Award – Corwin Perry

Nicholas Milella Memorial Award – Jean-Paul Klem and Maeve Gleeson

Writing Awards
Megan Mogauro (6th grade)
Jean-Paul Klem (7th grade)

National Geographic Bee Medal – JT Coupal

Middle School National Spanish Exam Bronze Winners
Anjana Seshadri
Aditi Seshadri

Middle School Spanish Award Winners
Cassidy Draper (7th Grade)
Rotsirohawi Galban (8th Grade)

Middle School National French Contest Winners
7th graders
Anna Granat
Jean-Paul Klem
Nathaniel Pifer
Misha Zain

8th graders
Lennon Green
Nathan Yax
James Bourtis (N)
Jason (JT) Coupal
Thomas Cylke (N)
Danielle Fuller

French Honors Society
8th graders
James Bourtis
Thomas Cylke

Riley Leibeck, NYSSMA Vocal Solo, Level 2
Elizabeth Cotter, NYSSMA Vocal Solo, Level 2
Rebecca McQuilken, NYSSMA Vocal Solo, Level 4
Annabelle Blake, MCSMA Vocal Solo, Level 1
Sera Anderson, NYSSMA Piano Solo Festival, Level 4

Middle School Solo Fest Winners
Thomas Cylke, Alto Sax, Level 4
Danielle Fuller, Clarinet, Level 4
Marissa Frenett, Trumpet, Level 2
John Phillips, Trumpet, Level 2
Andrew Ragan, Alto Sax, Level 2, Violin, Level 4
Riley Leibeck, Baritone, Level 2

5th Grader, Zoe Crego, performed a Level 1 solo on the trombone

Middle School Continental Mathematics League
6th Graders
1st – Elizabeth Cotter
2nd – Dylan Reece
3rd – Riley Leibeck

7th Graders
1st – Nathaniel Pifer
2nd (tie) – Cassidy Draper
2nd (tie) – Jean-Paul Klem
3rd – James Morrell

8th Graders
1st – James Bourtis
2nd – Thomas Cylke
3rd – Nathan Yax

American Mathematics Contest Awards
6th Graders
1st:  Henry Nicosia
2nd (tie):  Gifford Campbell
2nd (tie):  Elizabeth Cotter
2nd (tie):  Cameron Perry
3rd (tie):  Annabelle Blake
3rd (tie):  Kyla Carter
3rd (tie):  Joseph (Luke) Dioguardi
3rd (tie):  Cassandra Northrup

7th Graders
1st:   Nathaniel Pifer
2nd (tie):  Nicole Filipi
2nd (tie):  James Morrell
3rd (tie):   Maeve Gleeson
3rd (tie):   Mikayla Gross
3rd (tie):   John Karis
3rd (tie):   John Phillips

8th Graders:
1st:   Thomas Cylke (Also School Winner)
2nd (tie):  Lauren Browning
2nd (tie):  Nathan Yax
3rd (tie):  James Bourtis
3rd (tie):  Rebecca McQuilken
3rd (tie):  Aditi Seshadri

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AC Class of 2014 Receives $3.1 Million in Merit Scholarships

Class of 2014We are thrilled to share that members of AC’s Class of 2014 have been offered $3.1 million in academic college scholarships. Our graduates are heading to exciting places next year, see below for a list of the Class of 2014’s plans for next year:

American University
Amherst College
Berklee College of Music
Carleton College
Cornell University
Emory University
The George Washington University
Ithaca College
Lafayette College
Miami University of Ohio
Nazareth College
Princeton University
Rochester Institute of Technology
Syracuse University
Tulane University
The United States Air Force Academy
University of Michigan (2)
University of Rochester
University of Rochester, Early Medical Scholars Program
University of Texas
University of Wisconsin
Villanova University
Wake Forest University
Gap Year, Ithaca College fall 2015
Gap Year, Roberts Wesleyan College fall 2015
Gap Year, Rochester Institute of Technology fall 2015
Gap Year, Washington University in St. Louis fall 2015
Gap Year, applying to universities in South Korea

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Two AC Students Selected as Young Women of Distinction Finalists

Women of Distinction 2014Please join us in congratulating Erin Amborski and Juliana Levinson for their selection as finalists in the Young Women of Distinction Award contest and for Erin’s selection as one of the four $2,000 scholarship winners. High schools nominate young women who have “demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to their community, leadership among their peers, and stellar academic achievement” and Erin and Juliana were two of 20 finalists selected from 80 nominations, making AC one of just a few schools to have more than one student recognized. This award is sponsored by the Rochester Business Alliance Women’s Council and the young women were recognized at a ceremony at the SUNY Rochester Educational Opportunity Center. Pictured here are Juliana and Erin with Kristin Merriman, AC’s College Advisor.

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AC Students Reflect on their Experience Performing at the Strong National Museum of Play

StrongShow1Our Upper School theatre class recently performed the play “You Don’t Have to Wear a Cape” at the Strong National Museum of Play! Our students created this play about a boy’s quest to discover real-life superheros and co-wrote the script, designed the set and costumes, and acted in the production! Several students reflected on this fantastic experience; their comments are included here:

“This experience was unbelievable, as it brought the class together for one big project. We laughed, we acted, and we did it. I feel like this project brought some of us together in a way that no other class would’ve done.” – Peter Riveros

“Like in every theatre group we were thrown unexpected twists and problems that we learned to cope with as a team. We worked together and built a team to create a show that, when completed, I would describe as … rewarding.” – Allyssa Marino

Strong Show 2“My contribution for the production was mostly through the poster design. There were many times where we would get together as a group and see what the poster was lacking or what we could do to make it better. Although it was tedious and time consuming, I am very pleased with the outcome of the poster.” – Mukkuundo Luhiso

“The play at the Strong Museum went a lot better than I had thought it would! Sure there were a few mishaps here and there but there was a dramatic difference in the way we performed the first play to the way we performed the last play! The fourth showing was by far my favorite, everyone improved drastically. I’m very proud of my group of actors and stage hands.” – Caroline Tucker

“Being able to communicate with the young children in the audience was great. I had the opportunity to introduce the show and get everyone excited about what they were about to see. I think they really enjoyed being able to voice themselves and say what their favorite superheroes were – it showed them that their opinions matter.” – Sarah Williams

“Everyone remembered every single line and their positions when they got on stage. All the lights, audience, settings, and performers, everything, everyone made this show. It made me feel successful to be a real director.” – Luxuan Sheng

“Working on the stage crew for the play was a long and stressful process but in the end I thought that it was all worth it to see the play that we wrote and developed come to life on stage. Our actors were able to perform very well with very few errors, and if a line was forgotten, everyone was still able to recover from it, and the set design made it very easy for the scene changes to be done quickly. Overall I think that our first real performance was a success and I hope that our audiences enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed working on it.” – Conner Shumway

“I enjoyed performing at The Strong because it was fun performing at a new place. I also enjoyed writing the play too.” – Quinn Johnson

“Performing at Strong National Museum of Play was exhilarating and daunting at the same time. The first time we performed the play we were a little bit nervous, however by the third and fourth time we had perfected every scene, as the space had become familiar, and so had the dialogues. It was an extremely fun experience that brought us together as a team and helped us form a bond we will never forget.” – Eeman Haider

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